São Brás

de Alportel

Behind the image of a sleeping white village, São Brás is still the vibrant shopping little town it used to be when the cork industry was at its peak.

The Saturday morning market is the beating heart of the town. It was built outside of the historical village, as the "Avenida" and the tower, remains of the 1960's modernist views. Still the center of São Brás is now enjoying a revival.


As you wander across its picturesque streets, with authentique and stylish coffee shops such as Casa da Barreira or Café Ervilha, you will surely feel this unique atmosphere, both antique and lively. In São Brás you will find, all at once, (too) many supermarkets & the latest bulk sale shop, genuine traditionnal restaurants & the most creative cookings, modernist architecture & immemorial buildings.


What we love in São Brás is that the soul of the village embraces change without submitting (too much) to the hipster trend. It is an endearing little town, which connects its roots with the latest lifestyles.


Its pace remains peaceful whatever the season of the year. It has its rhythm, around the Thursday afternoons at the museum, when the curator & the villagers talk around old pictures, the Saturday morning markets... It also has its highlights, such as Easter procession, when every man of the village holds a flower torch, or the many village festivals in each hamlet during summer.

Marie & Henrique


São Brás de Alportel


Algarve, Portugal


2018 Casa 1876 / numero de alojamento local 84637/AL

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